Copperplate Calligraphy Workshop

I’ve been self-teaching calligraphy at home for a while now, practicing on an evening or weekend to unwind. I wanted to push myself further and see what a workshop from a professional calligrapher would be like – would I learn better in a group environment with direction given throughout?
I’d been eyeing up workshops online and mentioned it as a birthday present to my Mam, so on 5th February off I went to a three hour workshop, unaware of the type of calligraphy we’d be learning on the day – we were told only that it was an ‘Introduction to Calligraphy’.
Thankfully we covered copperplate, a style I really love – I’m more interested in modern lettering styles and this is a good balance between traditional styles and the freehand modern strokes so commonly seen on Instagram etc. We practiced using a pointed ink pen,  far fancier than what I’d been practicing at home with! I loved this new tool, the nib was flexible so that you could get the right pressure in the right places – thick, thin, loops and all! We were able to take the ink and pen home with us, so I’ve since ordered lots of different inks and papers to practice with: metallics, slates, purples – it’s hard not to get carried away!

The lesson itself was informative and I was wowed by the instructor’s skills, but really it’s not until you sit down to practice that you learn anything – I’d compare it to a gym class in that you can be wowed by the PT’s skills, but until you try it yourself you don’t know your ability.

I’m really pleased I went as I definitely built on what I’d been doing at home and I met some lovely ladies there – a range of people from those getting into calligraphy as a hobby to brides-to-be wanting to create their own wedding stationery. Lots of calligraphy artists do workshops on the side if you’re interested!

Until next time,
L x


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